Do I need to use an immigration consultant or a lawyer?

You do not need a representative when you are dealing with any government agency in Canada. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) also does not require you to use a representative. You are entitled to represent yourself in any matter even before the Federal Court. This is true for most professions in real life. Barbers, home builders, web-developers, and teachers are just a few examples. You can avoid their professional services and do their jobs yourself.

Many people, however, prefer immigration professionals to represent them because of the following reasons:

1) While the IRCC does not require you to use an immigration consultant or lawyer, they never recommend you not to use an immigration consultant or a lawyer.

2) All the forms and information that you need to apply for immigration to Canada are available for free on IRCC’s website. If you follow the instructions in those application guides, you can complete the application form and submit it on your own. However, immigration officers decide about the outcome of those applications based on Canada’s immigration laws, not those guides. Seeking the professional services of an immigration consultant or lawyer who is familiar with immigration laws and regulations can help you save time and avoid complications.

3) The job of an immigration representative is not just to fill forms. An immigration representative guides you on a much broader level based on various factors specific to your personal, family, and financial situation. A consultant can tailor your immigration strategies to your particular case and suggest steps to maximize your chances of success.

What is a Retainer Fee?

A retainer fee is an upfront payment made before we start working on your case. A retainer fee allows us to draw funds for various expenses. The money is placed in a trust account and is used for our professional fees and expenses related to your case. Our Retainer Agreement explains how you will be charged.

You have the right to terminate our representation at any time. The unused portion of your retainer fee will be refunded to you if you no longer want us to represent you.

I live outside Canada. How can I get a work visa for Canada?

In general, you need to get a job in Canada first. Your Canadian employer will then get all the necessary permissions. Your employer can contact us and we will be happy to help.

You, however, do not need a job offer in some rare circumstances. Some examples of situations in which you do not need a job offer are:

1) You are a recent graduate of a Canadian college/university,
2) your husband (or wife) is a student in Canada,
3) your husband (or wife) already has a work permit.

You will still need permission to work in Canada. Please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you in obtaining this work authorization.

What is a NOC Code?

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is Canada’s national system of organizing and describing occupations. Every occupation is identified by a four-number code, called the NOC code. The NOC code provides information about the educational requirements and skills needed for the occupation in the Canadian job market. The NOC is also used by many federal and provincial government agencies (including Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) to identify skills shortages in the Canadian job market. Click here to learn more about NOC Codes.

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